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Dry Storage at HRYC


Hood River Yacht Club has a limited number of dry storage, mast-up spaces available in its facility at the Hood River Marina. If you are interested in signing up for a dry storage space, please contact the yard manager by email.  If a space is available for your boat you will receive a lease contract to complete and return with a payment for your full yearly term fee.


Dry storage spaces are available for kayaks, rowing shells, canoes and similar boats up to trailered boats 30' long.  Float dock spaces are available for small light boats up to 15' long. Rates are subject to change without notice; 2024 rates are:


 Annual Fee
Dinghy Dock $440.00
Canoe / Kayak / Shell / Dinghy in dry storage $440.00
Boat w/Trailer:  < 15' $505.00
Boat w/Trailer: 15' to 20' $665.00
Boat w/Trailer: 20' to 26' $725.00
Boat w/Trailer: 26' to 30' $785.00



General dry storage policies:

  • You have to be an HRYC member in good standing to have a boat in the yard.
  • If you start in the middle of a quarter, we'll pro-rate that quarter's rent.
  • Rental fees are based primarily on boat length, but wide boats may have a surcharge because they take up more space.
  • Pay your rental dues on time.
  • If you want to terminate your lease, please let the Club know 30 days in advance, and the club will refund rental fees for any quarter that you have paid for but has not yet started. Prorated refunds will not be given within the quarter of cancellation.
  • You can't sublet your space, sleep on your boat, use your space for non-boat related stuff, or generally do things in the dry storage yard you should know better not to do.
  • You can't do any major maintenance on your boat in the yard (including bottom sanding, painting or anything involving any substance that you wouldn't want mixed into a margarita).  This policy will be strictly enforced for the safety of Marina tenants.
  • Please respect others' property!
  • If you don't pay your rent, we'll ask you to remove your boat.  If you still don't pay, you'll default and the Club will dispose of your boat for you at the boat owners expense.
  • The Club expects boats in the yard to be used.  If your boat just sits on the trailer, the Club may ask you to use it or remove it.
  • The Club and Port of Hood River are not responsible for anything that happens to your boat in the yard.
  • You must have insurance to have a boat in the yard; the Club may ask you to provide proof of insurance prior to storage.