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HRYC Wednesday Night Limited Crew Pandemic Summer ...
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We had an awesome race last night to wrap up our summer series, great work to everyone that came out and above all way to stay healthy and safe!

Congratulations to TRUE NORTH and her crew for taking the overall victory by 1 point, very close racing!

Final results can be viewed here:

Standby for NOR for a fall series...
Hey Alex,

It will be great to have you guys out there!  

Warning is at 18:25, start is at 18:30, and the committee boat will be the Express 27 THUMPER.  We'll try to sail by the guest dock and shout out the course for you.

See you on the water,

Hello HRYC!

Whiskey Cat (Hobie18) is planning to dust off the Cobwebs and sail tonight. It would be fun to chase you all around a bit. What time is the approximate start time for the Race tonight?  Also if anyone could text us the course that would be great. 360-510-3867

We had a great evening of racing last night with 5 boats on the line! The course was E-H-E-W-5(s)-P, totaling 5.73 miles. At the start we saw WSW 15-25, which got the fleet to the top mark quickly and made for some interesting "dusting off the cobwebs" for the set. Rounding the leeward mark proved challenging and exciting with the high current, which resulted in some passing lanes. The second top mark was a little more spread out, and the fleet were on their way to the final turning mark of the course. Making our way towards 5, there was a west bound barge that could have been an issue, but everyone was able to round the mark and clear the bridge span with no issues. The final reach into the harbor was sporty with gusts nearing 20, and the entire fleet finished within 7 minutes after the first boat. Great job to everyone!

Thank you to all crews for practicing safe social distancing while rigging, racing, and limiting the socializing after racing.

Next week's race committee will be TRUE NORTH.

Results posted here:

Please spread the word, and let me know if you have any suggestions, comments, or concerns.


The HRYC would like to organize a 6 week summer series starting 06.24.2020, and ending on 07.29.2020. Please remember we are using the RRS, however, there will be no protests, and NO COLLISIONS. And above all stay safe and have fun.

Each skipper is 100% responsible for the safety of their crew and the safe operation of their boat.

Crews from outside the household must maintain 6’ safe social distance at all times.
No crew with any symptoms in previous 2 weeks
Up to 26 footers 3 max crew per boat – Only 2 allowed to hike with legs outboard
Over 26 foot and up to 31 foot – Max of 4 crew – only 2 allowed to hike with legs outboard
Over 31 foot and up to 36 foot – Max 5 crew – only 3 allowed to hike with legs outboard
Crews are encouraged to wear PFD’s
Crews are encouraged (required?) to wear face masks
It is recommended that boats are sanitized pre and post race. Methods for sanitizing include washing with biodegradable soap and water.
NO gatherings on the docks post racing.
Skippers must keep a record of crew members aboard each race

There will be no RC on station. Instead, there will be an assigned RC Boat that will have a horn and run the following sequence: 5 min blast, 4 min blast 1 min blast, START. Second place boat from previous week will be the RC boat.

All boats are required to carry a VHF and monitor 72

First boat to finish must remain on station and take finish times (highly suggest carrying paper and pencil)

Start times:
18:10 - JAM 5min sequence. This is for jib and main only, course to be announced the day of.
18:25 - Flying Sails 5min sequence. This is for flying sails, course to be announced the day of.


Again, Each skipper is 100% responsible for the safety of their crew and the safe operation of their boat. If you are uncomfortable with bringing outside crew, then don’t. If you are uncomfortable with flying a kite with shortened crew, then don’t. If it is too windy for your comfort level, then don’t go race.

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