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Wednesday Virtual Regatta Series
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Next start at 19:30.  Look for HRYC.

15 boats in the first race, 2 in the second..
Okay, back to rigging!

Chime in with any feedback on how we can make it better next go'round.

Hope to see everyone from a distance this Friday for the QFF!


Hey all,

Anybody interested in racing in 20 min, feel free to jump on the Zoom chat as well:

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 736 2909 7953
Password: 7NrJ5b

Hope to see you on the line, please share with any sailor buddies!

I'm interested. 19:00 is right in the middle of bedtime prep, though.

Team thumper might have a few virtual boats on the starting line

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Happy spring!

Sadly, we are still a ways away from fully crewed racing.

I thought, in the meantime it could be fun to virtually get together on every other Wednesday and go around the course. If you haven't yet, I would suggest checking out Virtual Regatta Inshore. It's a free download on the app store/google play, and very fun and addicting!

I will work on creating a race labelled "HRYC", and have it ready for a 19:00 start this week.

Let me know who would be interested, and we can go from there.

Hope to see you all on the water soon,

Scott Walsh
HRYC Race Captain
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